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What does Trans* mean?

Here at the Mature Transgender website, I have been asked, “What does Trans* mean?”  I have been seeing this term for about a year and I wondered the same thing.  As I explored it, I found it to mean all inclusive in the gender-variant community.  Think of the * as a computer wildcard.  As my goal is to include everyone, I find it best suits my my mission.  The Mature Transgender website is for everyone, regardless how you may identify, classify or label yourself.  I hate labels, but am constantly being asked what I am.  People want to know if I am a cross-dresser, transvestite, transgender, gay, bisexual, woman trapped in a man’s body, man trapped in a woman’s body and dozens of other combinations.

To make things even more confusing, there are sub categories for the transgender groups.  You can be a pre-op, non-op, post-op, transitioning, and so one ad nauseam.  There are a lot of definitions and more being added everyday.

For everyone who identify with the gender you were born with, you,too, have a title.  You are cisgender.  See how confusing it can be?

The main task for Mature Transgender is to include everyoneIf you are cisgender, transgender or non-gender, you are welcome and wanted here.  If you are old, young or somewhere in between, you are welcome here.  If you began your journey to your proper gender at age six or sixty, you are welcome here.   So choose a label or not.  Pick a category to be in or not, but please feel free to stop by, have a read and a chat and know you are welcome.

Just for the record, my label is Cate and my category is person.



Mature Transgender Website Information and Sections

Hi All,

Now that we’ve discussed why the Mature Transgender website is here and what we want to accomplish, I thought I’d give an overview of how the site will be structured.


Posts will be on the front page with the latest post at the top.  If you look to the right, you will see categories.  This will be a quick way to find posts grouped together by topic.  Have a look at the posts, find the category you want to explore and read away.

Because this is a website for all of us, please feel free to comment and if you would like to contribute, do not hesitate to send it to me for inclusion.  All I ask is that it be family-friendly.  We don’t want to scare or shock our friends, family, associates, significant others, allies and information seekers.


For those whose lives we’ve changed

This page is for spouses, lovers, families, friends, associates, neighbors, allies or acquaintances whose lives have been touched and changed by a trans* person.  Here you can tell us how your life has changed, either for the better or worse.  Here you can share your joy or vent your frustrations.  This is a safe place.  Please send your posting as a response and I will place it here.  If you wish to leave your name or remain anonymous, your wish will be respected.

Your Page

Your Page, is a place just for you who wish to post you own stories, journeys, opinions, trials, tribulations, anecdotes, jokes and anything you wish to share.  Please send me what you’d like and I’ll be so happy to post it.

Hi, I’m Cate

This is where you can learn more about me, where all this started, my stops along the way and also I will document how my personal transition is going.  You will also find a picture of the me and my personal logo.


The Resources tab will be where I continually add books, articles, websites, organizations and anything I can find that will help us all in finding the answers we are seeking.  I will continually strive to provide only accurate and up to day information.  If I’ve added a book, then I’ve read the book and have it in my personal reference library.


This is the newest section and one I find myself very passionate about.  Everyday I see heroes lauded, talked about and praised.  I also see in my travels the quiet heroes.  Those individuals, companies and organizations who, with little or no fanfare make the lives of all trans* people better.  These folks may run a local support organization.  They may be a merchant who provides goods and services to our community.  It will be open to anyone and any organization that makes our lives and the lives of those we love and support better.  I would ask that if you have a hero that you would like recognized, please let me know about them so I can add them to our hall of fame.

One last plea.  Please help me make this the best website possible.  Send my your suggestions, advice, hints, tips and stories.  All will be received with gratitude and respect.

Mature Transgender Website Mission Statement and Core Values

“Why did you create the Mature Transgender Website Mission Statement and Core Values?  A fair questions, I have to admit.  I feel it is important from the very beginning to make a statement of my purpose and what I stand for.  This way I can be constantly reminded of my goals and also my readers will know what I believe in.  You readers and contributors are my life’s blood and I want to be as honest and upfront as possible.  I welcome comments and contributions and by publishing these values, you will have a guideline as to content.  If I fail to live up to what is stated here, call me out on it.  I want you to hold my feet to the fire and insist that I not stray from my mission and values.  With that being said, please find below my Mission Statement and Core values.


Mature Transgender Website Mission Statement

The Mature Transgender website provides a safe, respectful, informative, truthful and welcome web presence for all trans* people, especially those fifty years old and older.

Mature Transgender Website Core Values

Be respectful and welcoming to all trans* people, regardless of their personal identity, gender expression and ultimate personal goals.

Always remember that behind every trans* person, there will be people who don’t and may never understand, who are filled with confusion and fear and deserve honest, accurate information and also the same respect we deserve.

Be a place that is safe for all visitors regardless of age.

Be the voice for those who cannot speak out regardless of the reason for their silence.

Provide outreach and support to those fifty years old and older who are beginning their journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and transition.


Welcome to Mature Transgender

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to Mature Transgender, a website for older trans* people age fifty and up.  All are welcome and if you are under fifty years old, you too are most welcome.  This is a safe and positive place for all trans* people, our families, loved ones, friends and allies.  I especially welcome those who may be searching for reliable information for themselves, whether they are wishing to answer their own questions, trying to learn more to be supportive of a trans* person in their life or just wanting to understand the world in which we live.

This site is to exchange ideas, learn from each other, list reliable information and provide a family-friendly environment.  Feel free to leave a comment, post an article, give kudos, vent and offer suggestions on how to make it and our community better.  This is our place, all trans* people, and you are welcome here.