Coming at you in 2016

Coming at you in 2016   Over the holidays, I was blessed with the opportunities to talk to a number of my friends, old and new.  Most are our sisters in the Trans* community, with a few cisgender friends thrown in for equal time.  I get so much from our conversations, e-mails and pizza-night chats.  I want to share their insights and experiences, pleasures and pet-peeves and what is decades and decade’s worth of knowledge.  I’ve learned so much from them and it’s too precious not to share.

Is it just gender stuff?   No.  We talk about everything from pedicures to wigs and everything in between.  A girl can only complain about Spanx so many times.  Clothing, makeup, wigs, shoes, travel, food, football, weather, camping, farm-life, herding cattle, cooking, sewing, hats, scarves and you name it.  It’s all shared lovingly and never a dull moment.

That includes you too   This sharing is open to everyone who reads this blog.  Those who have commented and especially our friends who have included their stories on the tab Your Page.  If you haven’t shared up to this point, this is a sincere request to join our conversation and let us hear from you and share your experiences.

How do I get in on this?   Easy.  Simply reply to this post.  If you like, share your story on the Your Page tab.  You can e-mail me directly at  If you want to chat on the phone, drop me a line at my e-mail with your number and I’ll be really happy to talk to you.

Hurry up!   Don’t delay. We are eager to hear from you.

One thought on “Coming at you in 2016

  1. Hi Cate: you mentioned shareing adventures. Here are a couple of mine.
    I was in Walmart dressed to the nines . I am very passable.
    I went into the ladies room entered a stall and used the the meantime a sales lady that knew me(and my wife) from befor called security a man in the ladies room. so when i came out there were fout burley guys waiting for a man to come out of the ladies room.but i was not a man i was a pretty girl an i strutted right by them and out of the store.——————

    Another time i was in a Menards store and asked a sales girl where the ladies room was. She took me by the hand and said right this way maam and led me right into the ladies room. i thanked her .there were about a dozen women there. i entered ta stall did by business and left. no one so much as raised an eyebrow.

    my first time outside the house i walked up and down the street and cars went by
    and i thought this is great no body even notices me.
    The next time i went down a street that had more traffic and stores. I had walked several blocks and was on my way back home . i was just turning into my own street when a car full of guys came around the corner. The started whisteling and calling “come on and go for a ride with us baby”.I reached my driveway and ran around to my backdoor and into the house.Whew close call!

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