This page you will find our heroes.  Those individuals, organizations or groups that support, encourage and enhance the lives of all trans* people.  These are the quiet heroes who, with little fanfare or praise, make this a better word for us.  If you have a hero that needs to be recognized, please let me know and I will add them here.

Our Hero – Josett of Trading Faces Orlando

When I originally came up with the idea of a Heroes page, this woman has always been the person I’ve wanted to include as my first hero.  This is because when I first stepped out and needed guidance, she was the first person I ever saw.  My first hero is Josett of Trading Faces Orlando.

Josett is an image consultant, lifestyle coach, makeup artist, personal shopper, business woman, confidant, guide, cheerleader and friend to trans* people everywhere.  From a chance encounter with a nervous transwoman at a department store, she has helped thousands of us to prepare for our first steps outside our homes, to look, act and project the feminine appearance, attitude and confidence that we need so we can assume our rightful place in the world.

Josett regularly organizes activities for our community in a venue that is safe, secure, respectful and fun.  She has worked with some whose only opportunity to present themselves is in her place of business.  She has provided guidance and support to young and old, physically challenged, first-timers and those completing their transition.  She even helped a fifty-seven year old first-time confused, clueless and terrified me.

A day hardly passes that I don’t use one some of Josett’s advice and  I am happy to have her as my first hero.


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