Mature Transgender Website Mission Statement and Core Values

“Why did you create the Mature Transgender Website Mission Statement and Core Values?  A fair questions, I have to admit.  I feel it is important from the very beginning to make a statement of my purpose and what I stand for.  This way I can be constantly reminded of my goals and also my readers will know what I believe in.  You readers and contributors are my life’s blood and I want to be as honest and upfront as possible.  I welcome comments and contributions and by publishing these values, you will have a guideline as to content.  If I fail to live up to what is stated here, call me out on it.  I want you to hold my feet to the fire and insist that I not stray from my mission and values.  With that being said, please find below my Mission Statement and Core values.


Mature Transgender Website Mission Statement

The Mature Transgender website provides a safe, respectful, informative, truthful and welcome web presence for all trans* people, especially those fifty years old and older.

Mature Transgender Website Core Values

Be respectful and welcoming to all trans* people, regardless of their personal identity, gender expression and ultimate personal goals.

Always remember that behind every trans* person, there will be people who don’t and may never understand, who are filled with confusion and fear and deserve honest, accurate information and also the same respect we deserve.

Be a place that is safe for all visitors regardless of age.

Be the voice for those who cannot speak out regardless of the reason for their silence.

Provide outreach and support to those fifty years old and older who are beginning their journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and transition.


3 thoughts on “Mature Transgender Website Mission Statement and Core Values

  1. I like the idea of a website for mature transgender. Like a lot of other girls I finally gave to Alicia in my
    late forties, it has been a bumpy road as I cannot be a girl 24/7 as mcuh as I wouild love to. But neverheless
    I do need advise from time to time, or makeup, dating, sex,, wigs, clothing, and shoes like all girl. I enjoying that probable more than my dates, and being a girl and feeling feminine in every way. But as mature gurl, it hard to fine good advise…hope there is a mature transgender website for gurl and admirers…

    1. Alicia,

      Welcome. I am so happy to have you here. I, too, started later in life and am embracing my womanhood with all the gusto I can. I also am looking for advice, tips and tricks to make myself look as good as I possibly can. I look forward to your comments and being part of our family.



  2. Cate,
    Thanks for making this site I am hopeful that you are active. I would love to find out where to get size 13 shoes that are sexy and inexpensive….Sigh

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