Mature Transgender Website Information and Sections

Hi All,

Now that we’ve discussed why the Mature Transgender website is here and what we want to accomplish, I thought I’d give an overview of how the site will be structured.


Posts will be on the front page with the latest post at the top.  If you look to the right, you will see categories.  This will be a quick way to find posts grouped together by topic.  Have a look at the posts, find the category you want to explore and read away.

Because this is a website for all of us, please feel free to comment and if you would like to contribute, do not hesitate to send it to me for inclusion.  All I ask is that it be family-friendly.  We don’t want to scare or shock our friends, family, associates, significant others, allies and information seekers.


For those whose lives we’ve changed

This page is for spouses, lovers, families, friends, associates, neighbors, allies or acquaintances whose lives have been touched and changed by a trans* person.  Here you can tell us how your life has changed, either for the better or worse.  Here you can share your joy or vent your frustrations.  This is a safe place.  Please send your posting as a response and I will place it here.  If you wish to leave your name or remain anonymous, your wish will be respected.

Your Page

Your Page, is a place just for you who wish to post you own stories, journeys, opinions, trials, tribulations, anecdotes, jokes and anything you wish to share.  Please send me what you’d like and I’ll be so happy to post it.

Hi, I’m Cate

This is where you can learn more about me, where all this started, my stops along the way and also I will document how my personal transition is going.  You will also find a picture of the me and my personal logo.


The Resources tab will be where I continually add books, articles, websites, organizations and anything I can find that will help us all in finding the answers we are seeking.  I will continually strive to provide only accurate and up to day information.  If I’ve added a book, then I’ve read the book and have it in my personal reference library.


This is the newest section and one I find myself very passionate about.  Everyday I see heroes lauded, talked about and praised.  I also see in my travels the quiet heroes.  Those individuals, companies and organizations who, with little or no fanfare make the lives of all trans* people better.  These folks may run a local support organization.  They may be a merchant who provides goods and services to our community.  It will be open to anyone and any organization that makes our lives and the lives of those we love and support better.  I would ask that if you have a hero that you would like recognized, please let me know about them so I can add them to our hall of fame.

One last plea.  Please help me make this the best website possible.  Send my your suggestions, advice, hints, tips and stories.  All will be received with gratitude and respect.

3 thoughts on “Mature Transgender Website Information and Sections

  1. I am a transgendered soul
    I thought God made all his Children Whole.
    But with me it seems not to be
    the way he created and handled me.
    I seem to be split open inside.
    Male over here and female on the other side.
    I am comfortable as a female you see
    being male just didn’t satisfy me.
    Now so happy is my life
    I am a girl just like my wife.
    I know she loves and understands me.
    And now deep down i am at peace with me.

    An origional poem by Leanne Anderson

  2. I am a 74 year old Trans woman. I dress and live as a female 24/7.
    I have been a trans person for more than fifteen years.
    I have been fulltime as a female for the last ten years.
    I was Married Befor to my wife Marie. she passed away
    in 2004 with a heart attack.
    I remarried late in 2005 .I made sure that my now wife knew
    all about me befor we were married.She said”since you enjoy
    your dressing so much why don’t you do it full time “?
    so i began full time as a female .I go out in public every day of my life
    dressed as a woman . I am very passable and enjoy my feminine
    role so very much.
    I have long blonde hair and real natural feminine type breasts.
    i am a 46-DD

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