The pure joy of being out and about

The pure joy of being out and about   I was talking on the phone with one of our friends, Pamela, who roams between the Pacific Northwest and the Southwestern United States following the warm weather.  She is one of my heroines for a number of reasons, but the biggest reason being she started living honestly and came out at the age of 72!  She’s the father of two and a grandfather. We have a lot in common.  She began going out and about like many of us by attending a gathering of Trans* women at a garden party.  It was her first time out and she experienced the pure joy of being out and about as her true self.

The answer to a lifetime of wishes and prayers   Pamela described how happy she felt and feels being out.  She waited decades, hiding her true feelings.  With love and respect, she came out to her family.  Pamela’s family is still on the journey to acceptance and understanding and she is able to enjoy an outing with her wife and daughters.  The joy Pamela feels is tremendous.  To be out with others like us.  No hiding, no guarding her conversations and just being really free.  Words are inadequate to describe the happiness.

The feeling doesn’t end   I was having pizza with my best friend, Elayne, last week and we also discussed this feeling of joy being out and about.  To her, it all came together when she was able to enter a crowded place and enjoy the thrill of being out.  She floated in, unconcerned, confident and beautiful, just the way it is supposed to be for us all.

My first dinner out   The first time for me was having dinner at a restaurant with a friend.  I was apprehensive and it took me a while just to get out of the car.  The hostess took us to our table and seated us.  The server came over and said, “Good evening, ladies, can I take your order?”  It was the first time, ever, that I had been called a lady by anyone.  I was on the Moon.  I spent dinner in a state of bliss, chatting with my friend, talking to the waiters and just loving being me.

It happens every time   It’s been a few years now for me and being out, even to the grocery store, is still a thrill.  Sure, there have been a bump or two in the road, but nothing to deter me, nor should you be deterred.  When I’m out and some young grocery boy says, “Yes, Ma’am.” (remember, this is the South) or I hear someone call, “Ms. O’Malley,” it’s a thrill and a dream come true.  My friends Pamela and Elayne know it and my wish is for all of us to enjoy and revel in going out and about, free to be your true selves.

One thought on “The pure joy of being out and about

  1. thanks for useing my story. if it encourages evenone girl it was worth writing.
    Here is another thought . I have been out and been seen in public so much
    at the grocers and at deprtment stores .Even the service stations that if i was suddenly to appear dressed as a male that people would not recognize me or know who i was.

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