Transition   I recently came across an article in The Huffington Post, online at  It was by Stephanie Mott, Executive Director, Kansas Statewide Transgender Education Project.  Ms. Mott is a transexual woman, educator, writer, speaker, and transgender advocate.  The premise of the article is she did not transition, go from male to female, she has always been female and began to authentically live as who she truthfully is and stripped away the facade of being a male.  This has made me rethink how I use the word transition and my process of transitioning.

Please read the article here:

Dictionary definition of Transitioning   Noun – movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change:  the transition from adolescent to adulthood.  
During an on-line discussion with my friend, Pamela, she commented we transition from girlhood to womanhood.  This added more for me to think about and I agree with her and Webster.

Stripping away the facade   The concept of stripping away the facade of my gender assigned at birth to reveal my authentic self made so much sense to me.  Upon reflection, I see how it applies to all of us who are gender non-conforming.  As I came to understand my true self, I began the process of removing my outer layers and to expose the real me.  It started with small, secret steps, then venturing out and finally with coming out and sharing my authentic self.  Each step was not moving from one place to the other, it was stripping away the false and revealing the truth.

All of us   I thought about my dearest friends and those wonderful souls I’ve met along the way.  For my friends and those who identify as crossdressers, they strip away the facade and let their true selves appear.  They may only have an afternoon or a weekend, but for that short period, they are living their truth.  Gender queer, gender neutral, genderless, agender and non-gender people all have discarded what was not them and live as themselves.

Do we have to present to be real?   No! If you are unsure of your true identify, and we’ve all been there, and are questioning, exploring, searching and discovering, you are stripping away your facade.  Those of us who are unable or not ready to reveal their truth, by understanding and accepting and knowing who you honestly are, have thrown off the most difficult piece of the facade.  Nothing is more difficult than seeing and accepting who we are and loving ourselves.  That is the greatest step we can take.

Living authentically Living authentically, whether you are gender non-conforming or cisgender, it is so important to us all.  Will I be transitioning?  Sure I will.  I’m in the process of transitioning from middle-aged woman to a frisky old lady.  The most important thing to me is I’ve stripped away all that wasn’t me and am now living as my authentic self.

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