What does Trans* mean?

Here at the Mature Transgender website, I have been asked, “What does Trans* mean?”  I have been seeing this term for about a year and I wondered the same thing.  As I explored it, I found it to mean all inclusive in the gender-variant community.  Think of the * as a computer wildcard.  As my goal is to include everyone, I find it best suits my my mission.  The Mature Transgender website is for everyone, regardless how you may identify, classify or label yourself.  I hate labels, but am constantly being asked what I am.  People want to know if I am a cross-dresser, transvestite, transgender, gay, bisexual, woman trapped in a man’s body, man trapped in a woman’s body and dozens of other combinations.

To make things even more confusing, there are sub categories for the transgender groups.  You can be a pre-op, non-op, post-op, transitioning, and so one ad nauseam.  There are a lot of definitions and more being added everyday.

For everyone who identify with the gender you were born with, you,too, have a title.  You are cisgender.  See how confusing it can be?

The main task for Mature Transgender is to include everyoneIf you are cisgender, transgender or non-gender, you are welcome and wanted here.  If you are old, young or somewhere in between, you are welcome here.  If you began your journey to your proper gender at age six or sixty, you are welcome here.   So choose a label or not.  Pick a category to be in or not, but please feel free to stop by, have a read and a chat and know you are welcome.

Just for the record, my label is Cate and my category is person.



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